Spring 2020

With the abrupt ending to the school year due to Covid-19, The Squire staff approached this year’s spring issue differently. Each staff member has written an Op-Ed article expressing what it is like to be a high school student during this historical event. We hope you enjoy the wide range of perspectives and experiences our staff shares about their unique time in quarantine!

Life in Coronacation


Coronavirus Causes Catastrophe

Seniors Living through Quarantine

The Senior Year We Never Saw Coming

Creating During Lockdown

Living with Seven People During COVID-19

Missing out on Opportunities

How Coronavirus Affected Senior Year

Keeping Busy in Quarantine

Being an Essential Worker during a Global Pandemic 

Staying in Touch While Social Distancing 

Senior Year Comes to an Early End 

Staying in Shape During Quarantine 

Welcoming a Four-Legged Therapist into your Life 

Navigating a New Senior Year 

Coronavirus: An Over-reaction? 

Losing a Part of Me During Quarantine

Owning a Small Business: A Personal Story of Making it Day to Day

Living in Quarantine 

Covid-19 Causes Problems for Everyone  

Missing the Second Half of my Junior Year

Losing Too Much Due to COVID-19 

Surviving Quarantine 

Making the Best of Quarantine

Ending Senior Year with Disappointment

Covid-19 Affects the Moto Community

State Ranked Wrestler Thanks Eisenhower Community

Sorrows of 2020 Seniors

Finding the Brightside of Quarantine

My Maddening Quarantine Quandary  

Quarantine Can be Fun

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