Staying in Shape During Quarantine 

By: Rachel Frederick 

     Not one senior can say they expected their senior year to be like this, but for student athletes, one of the worst parts of school being cancelled is that their senior seasons ended before they even got the chance to start. Every senior missed out on their softball or baseball games, their track or trap meets, and even the off seasons and conditioning. This is a sad time for the seniors and, unfortunately, there is no way to make this up. However, there are different ways to stay in shape and keep practicing, even with the unfortunate circumstances.  

     I was never a big track person and I only did one year of it, but it kept me in shape, and I ended up loving the team and the meets. I was looking forward to senior year and hoping to break some personal records along with maybe a school record if I kept pushing myself.

       Although breaking records is what everyone should have in mind on the track or in the field, I was also looking forward to this one last sport with the people I grew up with and have built life-long friendships with. Never did I imagine my senior season not happening because of a virus, but there are some things that are uncontrollable. Although most of the seniors are hurting right now, as nothing is the same and they are missing out on everything that every other senior has had the chance to experience, finding ways to comfort yourself and avoid sitting on the couch all day is what some or most of us might need to get our mind off of everything going on. 

     Sitting inside watching Netflix or getting on social media is fun, but eventually there comes a time when staring at screen is not good anymore. Gyms may be closed, but that does not mean that the workouts or physical activity must stop. I personally workout almost every day of the week, if not every day. I enjoy being in shape and I love to run, plus running is a great way to get out of the house during this time of quarantine.  

     However, if you are not a runner, there are more options out there. I use an app to work my legs and upper body twice a week each, and I find a YouTube video to work on my abs three to four days a week. Quarantine is a great time to come up with a workout schedule, which you may find even boosts your immune system and helps you sleep better. The best workout plan, if you are focusing on strength and cardiovascular fitness, is three days of strength training, two days of cardio, and two days of rest. If you play a sport, go outside and hit the ball with a sibling or parent or find a loop to time yourself to see how long it takes you to run an event you would run. Taking a rest day, although you may not want to, is good for your body and helps recover for the next week. Exercising will help you to stay in shape, but, unless you give yourself a healthy diet as well, it will not be as beneficial. 

     Setting a goal at the beginning of your workout and dieting plan is the best way to maintain yourself and keep yourself on track to where you want to be. Dieting, especially at a young age, can be very difficult and hard to follow and stay focused on. A good way to make sure you are eating healthier is to never skip meals. Skipping a meal can cause a slower metabolism and can lead to weight gain or make it harder to lose weight. Always be sure to eat your meals a little slower and drink at least a glass of water before every meal. Those are just a few tips, but if you are interested, look up any healthy eating tips online and you will find great ways to help yourself feel better.  

     Track, softball, baseball, or trap were the last sports a lot of us had together before we all begin our individual lives. With these ending early and the seniors missing out on their last meets or games, we are all saddened and confused. I hope everyone is finding ways to work through these tough times and get their mind off things in a healthy and motivating way. I, along with the rest of The Squire staff, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  

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