Life in Coronacation

By: Lydia Larson
We all know that this pandemic has been very stressful and hard on everyone, from businesses being shut down to the toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages. But this time is also very hard on students, as many are missing the end to their senior year, their spring sports, and socializing with their friends and family.       As for me, I am one of the students who misses seeing my friends and family; it feels weird not being able to see my friends everyday and being in class, but Eisenhower is doing their best to keep everyone updated, positive, and at work. Teachers have been staying in touch with students, which is helpful if you get stuck on an assignment or have any questions.

This time is also really hard on people who work in the health care industry because the number of cases just keeps going up and it is a virus that is difficult to treat, since not much is known about it. My mom works at Warren General as a surgical nurse and they have only been allowed to do emergency surgeries until recently when Governor Wolf announced that they could begin doing all surgeries again. While they were not allowed to operate, they assigned her and many other nurses to take temperatures at the door to ensure that anyone coming in did not have any symptoms of Covid-19 so that everyone inside would be safe and not catch the virus. Everyone in the hospital has been taking precautions, such as always wearing a mask, gloves, and a face shield. After they touch anything, they always wash their hands and before they leave work they must sanitize themselves. Fortunately for my family, both of my parents are considered essential workers so we have not been in any financial difficulties.

While at home every day, I take the time to clean the house, I work on any school work that needs to be done, and I have been riding my horse every day since barrel races have been postponed. I’m practicing so that when they start up again we will be ready to go.

During this break when you are staying home, try to be positive and start doing some things for yourself, like taking a walk or using this time to start working harder on your sport so you will be ready for next season. If you have to go out in public, wear a mask and wash your hands as soon as you can. For students missing their friends, try to FaceTime them and catch up on what has been happening; that is what I have been doing and it works great. Hopefully this will all be over in month or two so that we can have a normal life once again. The Squire hopes you are all staying safe!

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