My Maddening Quarantine Quandary  

By: Lilly Darling 

     As you progress into the end of your senior year, there are many long lasting memories you make. Most of the things that happen may be overlooked or unnoticed by a normal senior, but the class of 2020 is anything but normal. As a graduating senior of 2020, I have come to understand the importance of enjoying every moment you have, and recognizing the value of friendships. The COVID-19 crisis was, sadly, an impending pandemic. Unfortunately, this virus hit the United States, causing many setbacks for the whole country. A major heartbreak for me specifically was the abrupt end of my senior year of high school. While I was never one to be competitive, I enjoyed the opportunity to be apart of a team and make new friends. I spontaneously decided to join Eisenhower’s softball team this spring, looking forward to the new experiences. Although I did not get to play in any games, I met some great girls and got even closer with one of my best friends, who also plays.  

     During my quarantine, I have been working more at Wegmans, a supermarket in Jamestown. I recently received a scholarship from Wegmans for college, which I am so thankful for. Other than my time at Wegmans, I have been going on many more walks and spending time with my family. Although my younger brother can be a real handful sometimes, it has been enjoyable. I have done a few puzzles to keep me busy during my downtime. I have also discovered that when I am bored, I eat food. I am always sneaking to my kitchen for snacks when I can, even when my mom tells me not to eat, because dinner will be ready soon. My beagle has become my favorite furry little friend to laze around all day with. While quarantine has not been a bad thing for me, I would take it away in a heartbeat to create more memories with my friends in school. My parents’ job is considered to be an essential workplace, so they have continued to work throughout the crisis, supporting my family. Overall, I have had a dull quarantine, living life basically as normal, without school, of course.  

     I never thought I would reach the day where I missed school, but being restricted from seeing my classmates and my awesome teachers has been a major damper on my mood. I will miss Mr. Penley’s “Thought of the Day” and Ms. Howe’s free write bell ringers. I will miss Mrs. Swanson’s excitement about topics we would discuss in anatomy and Mrs. Dietsch’s words of wisdom. Even though we did not get to have our senior ditch day or our senior walk, I am very grateful for the time I spent at Eisenhower 

     Though I understand the importance of social distancing and maintaining the physical health of everyone, I want people to understand the effects that this pandemic can have on a person’s mental health. It is not in our human nature to be isolated and socially distanced. People should keep that in mind for the ones close to them. When you are not busy, give your friends a call, or send them a text. Ask them how they are doing and make sure they know you are thinking about them and that they are loved. My recommendation for the school district is to consider the options for a traditional graduation, one that would allow us to be socially distanced properly and still allow for us to have a final farewell to our senior class. This would help many of us graduating seniors who are disappointed about the virtual graduation. Stay safe and make the most of your quarantine.  

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