Missing out on Opportunities

By: Zoie Olsen

Since March 13, 2020, all Pennsylvania schools have been closed due to the coronavirus. Governor Tom Wolf made this decision just minutes before the final bell of the school day rang on that Friday. Students woke up that morning thinking that it was just a normal day at school, but, little did they know, their high school experience was going to be changed. As a junior, many opportunities are being taken away from me due to school being closed and the state being on lockdown. A couple of things I’ve missed out on include spending time with friends, playing my spring sport, and enjoying my last couple of months in school. 

To begin with, I will be missing out on my first ever prom. I can’t speak for everyone, but one of the things I was most excited about was going to that dance with my friends. For seniors, it was going to be one of their last hurrahs before graduating. Another thing I will be missing is taking the SATs in order to prepare for college. Taking the SATs will now be an extra stressor on upcoming seniors next year, and I won’t be able to enjoy the last couple of months of high school with my best friends before our senior year starts.

Of course, one of the biggest things I am missing out on is playing my junior year softball season. This year was going to be my first season as a varsity pitcher, and it was also my last season to play with some of my best friends before they graduate. My softball team is like a second family to me, and I love being on the field with them. Most students play sports throughout high school to stay in shape and make friends and memories. That will be cut short for spring sport players this school year. Spring sports sign ups had good numbers this year for baseball, softball, and track. Now, students will not be able to participate in those extracurricular activities.

     The Squire set up two Instagram polls to ask students what they missed most about school, and what opportunities they would miss the most. The first poll revealed that out of 74 students, 44 of them miss seeing their friends, and 30 of them miss playing their spring sport. The second poll showed that out of 61 students, 38 of them wish they were able to participate in spring sports, while 23 of them wish they could attend prom. This pandemic does not only affect the junior class. It affects all of those involved in our school.

All we can do now is hope that this pandemic is over soon and to look ahead and prepare for next year. Athletes can work hard in the offseason and train to become better players for next year’s seasons. Students who had planned on taking the SATs or retaking Keystones can study a little more to prepare for taking the test in the winter or next spring. We can also think about better ways to handle situations like these, in case something similar were to ever happen again. This coronavirus took away so many opportunities from students from all grade levels. The ones that were listed are not even the beginning of it. Stayed tuned next fall for our Homecoming issue and for an update on how being back to school is for the students of Eisenhower.

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