The Talent Show Amazes Audience

By: Adam Pascuzzi

EHS Journalism hosts the annual talent show each school year, and, every year, it doesn’t disappoint. Beginning with last year’s talent show, the talent show is now not only for high school students, but also for the middle and elementary school. The Journalism Club puts this fun event together and, although this seems like an easy event to organize, it can be quite stressful.

Each year, a variety of talented students sign up, with each act’s talents being around three minutes long.  Typically, the judges consist of students and teachers who evaluate the performance of each contestant. This year, superintendent, Ms. Amy Stewart, was a guest judge at the event.  Journalism students are the hosts for the night, making sure to entertain the crowd between the acts.  Behind the scenes are another group of journalism students acting as the stage crew, setting up props or taking care of whatever it is that the contestant needs on the stage with them.  A big thanks to Naomi Haight and Mikki Gifford who operated the lighting and music for the night, while also participating in the talent show. The Squire interviewed supervisor and chief of staff, Miss Howe, about her take on this year’s talent show.

The Squire: How stressful is it to put this event together?

Miss Howe: Well, it can be stressful at times; however, I have terrific help from my journalism team, which helps it run smoothly.

TS: How long have you been doing the talent show?

MH: We have been doing it for three years now. Each year, it has grown a little bit bigger, which is exciting.

TS: What is the process in setting up for the talent show?

MH: Well, it’s a pretty involved process. I try to have the registration forms passed out three weeks in advance and then I have to meet with all of the participants to make sure they meet all the requirements and know the expectations. During this time, we prepare in journalism class, as well. The night of the talent show, I meet with the host and help them prepare with sound and light crew to make sure the equipment works. We then run through the whole talent show as a dress rehearsal. After we rehearse, we get the money table and sign put up, send the participants back to the green room, and start the show.

At this year’s talent show it was full of entertaining skits and full of talent. They ranged anywhere from dancing acts to gymnastics. The elementary winners were, in third place, Delana Smith, second place, Drew Mandeville, and, first place, Bryceton Wilkens. In the middle/high school competition, third place was claimed by Mikayla Allen, and second place was given to Haylee Irvin. First place for the middle/high school was awarded to Mikki Gifford and Naomi Haight, who performed their rendition of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle.”

As you can see, there is more work put into making the talent show happen than you may think. Without the help of the journalism staff, this event would be even more complicated than it is. This event is not only fun for the students, but also for the parents and teachers who attend it. Every talent is unique and every year is something different to look forward to.

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