Seniors Living through Quarantine

By: Dakota Chase

The 2019-2020 school year has been one of the most memorable school years for me personally. The beginning of my senior year, the most fun year of school, was unforgettable. Getting on homecoming court and going to the dance with some of my best friends was a blast. Some of the most fun times happened before quarantine, and we were all starting to see the finish line. We know that once spring sports come in, the rest of the school days fly by, so we were all starting to get excited for our senior prom, graduation, and fun with our friends. Then, quarantine started, and school was shut down.

When we heard the announcement that Friday in advisory at the very last minute of school, we were all excited to get a few weeks off. However, we thought we would eventually have to go back. I don’t think any of us seniors, in that moment, expected not to see each other as Eisenhower students again. It’s a bittersweet feeling not having to go back to school. On one hand, it is cool we don’t have to be in the building for seven hours when the weather is starting to change and become warm, but missing the most fun days of school is heartbreaking.

Personally, I was looking forward to my senior year of baseball and prom. I was also excited for the last days of school with friends, being in the halls one last time, and walking across the stage in front of my friends and family at the class of 2020’s graduation from Eisenhower Middle High School. The things you hear your older friends and family talk about, the stuff you look forward to and work incredibly hard for, were all the things I thought I’d get to experience as a senior. I was sure I’d have time to make more memories that will last a lifetime.

Even though Covid-19 put a kink this year’s senior class, it has also taught us how to adapt to changes around us. We will forever be called “Corona seniors” and we hold the all-time senior skip record. The quarantine has messed up some things all of us seniors were looking forward to, but it has also brought us closer in many ways. Thank you, Eisenhower, for all the memories!

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