Classroom Captures

In addition to writing news articles for The Squire, EHS journalism students also work on a variety of other projects throughout the school year.  From videos to newsletters to podcasts, The Squire staff stays busy!  Here you can check out some of the projects that keep the Journalism students working hard.

WCSD School Board Appreciation Video:

In recognition of school board appreciation month, Journalism students made a video to tank the WCSD school board.

Photoshop Composite Project:

Here is a video displaying our Journalism I, II, and III final projects in Photoshop. Check out the article tagged below for more details!

Journalism Explores Adobe Suite

Mock Newscast 2019:

Mock newscast created by: Alex Durante and Matthew Vibbert.

Music Video 2019:

Music video created by: Rachel Frederick, Shelby Kuzminski, and Ayla Valone.

Mr. EHS Promo Video 2019:

Mr. EHS Promo Video created by: Shelby Kuzminski and Ayla Valone.

Mr. Martin Farewell Video 2018:

Journalism thanks Mr. Martin for everything he has done. Video filmed, edited, and produced by Tess Parmenter, Aniela Gesing, and Shannon Kellogg.

Stop Motion 2018:

Makeup tutorial stop motion created by: Shelby Kuzminski, Ayla Valone and Rachel Frederick.

Podcast 2018:

Mega-Ultra Tool podcast commercial by: Alex Durante, Brian Fedorchuk and Dakota Chase.

Commercial 2018:

Fruit Commercial: In this collaborative project, the EHS foods class worked together with EHS journalism to create commercials advertising for a fruit or veggie. The videos were written by the foods class, with the foods students as the actors, and were edited by the journalism students.

Eisenhower Highlight Video 2018:

Eisenhower Journalism put this video together as way to show the best parts about being a part of the Eisenhower family.

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