Exploring the Trendiest Prom Looks of 2019

By: Miranda Mong

You’ve waited the whole school year for this night, and now it’s finally time to dress up and dance the night away with your friends. Many things contribute to the perfect prom night: the people, makeup, hair, and, of course, the dress! If you are dreaming of the perfect prom dress, be sure to stay on point by knowing all the latest trends for prom dresses in 2019. Continue reading Exploring the Trendiest Prom Looks of 2019

Preparing for Finals

By: Matthew Vibbert

As the school year nears an end, final exams come closer, and those exams bring with them end of the school year stress and pressure. The finals mark an important time in the marking period, as it’s the largest test you’ll take in a specific subject, and it has an impact on your grade depending on whether you fail or pass it. Each year, students feel a little overwhelmed preparing for the big tests, so The Squire asked senior William Schwanke about how he prepares for his finals. Continue reading Preparing for Finals

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