Celebrating Different Holiday Traditions

By: Hannah Newcamp

     The winter season is filled with time spent with family and friends. This time spent with loved ones can include participating in new and old traditions surrounding the holidays. While regionally, Christmas is the most common holiday celebrated during the winter season, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are also celebrated this time of year. The Squire consulted Msnnews.com, southerngeorgia.com, Purewow.com, and Oprahdaily.com to learn more about the origin of Christmas traditions and what traditions are still celebrated today. The Squire also sat down with Eisenhower math teacher, Mrs. Joncas, to learn about her family’s Christmas traditions

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Firing into Rifle Season

By: Lydia Larson

     As the days start to get colder and shorter, most people are not thrilled about the changes in weather, but, for deer hunters, the fun is just getting started. Rifle season this year started on November 27 and finished on December 11. Normally, for the first week of the season, you can only harvest a deer with antlers but, this year, however, you were able to harvest an antlerless deer. Rifle season around Eisenhower is very popular, so The Squire interviewed Jake Venman, a senior at EHS, to get his insight on this year’s season.

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Planning your Cookie Exchange Party

By: Jordyn Cooper

   During the holidays, a great way to celebrate the season and bring family or friends together is a cookie exchange party. The purpose of this type of party is for all the guests attending to bring a dozen or more cookies, depending on how many people are attending. Everyone swaps their cookies at the party and leaves with their container full of cookies from each person, giving them an assortment of cookies for Christmas. The Squire recently did some research to show you how to organize the perfect cookie exchange party.

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