Get Decorative this Fall

By: Paige Edwards    

     As we all know, fall has arrived here in Warren County, and, along with the new season, comes festive decorating. Fall is a cozy time of year, which means plaid, pumpkins, and warm colors become popular. The Squire sat down with local interior designer, Sarah Edwards of Renovation Inspiration, to talk about some of her fall favorites. We talked about everything from fall colors to textures and prints. 

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Dancing Under the Stars

By: Bridgette Gourley 

     Fall is an exciting time for the students at Eisenhower High School. During this time, the Student Council plans and organizes the homecoming dance and spirit week, as the whole school gets ready for a festive week of being Eisenhower Knights. The dance is annually held on the Saturday night of homecoming weekend, with the football game being held on Friday. This year was no exception. 

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Getting Festive this Fall Season

By: Jordyn Cooper 

      Fall has officially started and that means all your fall favorites are back in season. Every year, there are new creative trends to try out. The Squire has details about where to buy fall décor, where to get your pumpkin, how to carve your pumpkin, and what clothing trends are popular this season. From pumpkins to clothing, The Squire has you covered. For this issue we asked the students about their favorite fall décor. 

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