Covid-19 Causes Problems for Everyone  

By: Dillon Benson

Many people have been physically affected by Covid-19 but even more have been affected in other ways. The majority of the population hasn’t actually been diagnosed with the virus, but have had to social distance and stay at home away from the public. Social distancing is when most businesses close and you are forced to stay at home with no one except your family. The only times you are supposed to leave your house is when you are going out for medical care or groceries. Many people have also been laid off from work to slow the spread of the virus and also because most businesses were closed so they didn’t need as many workers. Due to not being able work, many families are struggling with money. 

Due to Covid-19, I have missed out on many things that I would have enjoyed doing. I missed my junior year of baseball, hanging with my friends, and multiple job opportunities. Before Covid-19 closed our school and cancelled our spring sports, my teammates and I were working hard to be prepared for 2020 baseball season. We were confident that we would win our region and have a chance at playoffs. I’m sure my teammates and especially my senior teammates are just as sad as I am that our baseball season is cancelled due to Covid-19. I am also very sad that Covid-19 has caused me to miss lots quality bonding time with all my friends. I also applied for multiple jobs and it’s hard to get a job when most places have let go of a lot of their employees. So, as you can see, many of the things I do on a normal day basis and a lot of what I was looking forward to this spring have been cancelled.

So far, during quarantine, I’ve been fairly bored. I’ve been keeping myself busy by playing video games, doing at home projects with my parents, and lifting. I’ve been helping with multiple home projects that have needed to be done for a while now. First, I helped rip carpet up and place new flooring in the living room. Then, I helped shampoo all the carpets in the basement and rearrange all the furniture. I’ve also been trying to stay active and in the best shape possible. I have been weight lifting every other day and sticking to my workout routine.

Hopefully in the near future everything will go back to normal so we can move on in our lives. When this is all over, we will be able to see our friends, train for whatever sports we have coming up, and enjoy ourselves instead of being bored all the time.

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