Covid-19 Affects the Moto Community

By: Paige Edwards  

     Covid-19 has affected many sports across the world. Motocross is just one that hits close to home. Due to the restrictions the virus has set, many tracks have not been able to open their doors this spring. Professional races have been canceled. Plus, the many people who have been waiting for this time of year to come around are now devastated.  

     My grandparents, Doug and Sherry Lawson, own Maple Shade Motocross, a track just outside of Sugar Grove, PA. They are not able to open their doors because of the restrictions. Due to the stay at home order, people are not able to come and ride or race. Also, since there are not allowed to be groups over a small number of people, it’s not even an option to open a facility that has 300 plus people from all over coming there every weekend for practice or a race. The Pennsylvania Motocross Association, which Maple Shade is a part of, has canceled all of their spring races. I know from my family that they are taking a large hit in their profits this year due to the pandemic and not being able to open.  

     Professional supercross and motocross is at a halt for the time being. Supercross was stopped halfway through the season due to Covid and they are not sure when they will be able to finish the championship. Also, outdoor motocross was supposed to start on June 7. Now the start date according to is going to be July 4. All of these professional athletes aren’t getting paid right now and they aren’t sure when they will be next because everything is up in the air.  

     I know all of the amateur riders like myself are devastated. We all have been looking forward to the start of motocross for the 2020 season all winter. Many people, including me, have spent money on new dirt bikes and gear all for this spring and now we aren’t sure if the season will even happen anymore. I know track owners are just as devastated because they love this sport just as much as the riders do and they are trying everything in their power to open up as soon as possible.  

     The track owners, the professional athletes, the fans, and even the amateur riders are all very upset about this. Riders and track owners are out a lot of money as well. I know the whole moto community wants everyone to be healthy and safe, but we also want to do what we love and Covid is making it very hard to do that. 


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