Surviving Quarantine 

By: Lilee Renninger

During my quarantine I have done one thing, and that is work. Due to the break from school and my normal routine that occurred during the quarantine, I got a job at the local Walmart in Warren. While working at Walmart, you experience some crazy things. Adding on to the craziness from Walmart without the pandemic, people are going crazy in Walmart right now because of COVID-19. 

Employees are facing new expectations as they must now follow strict guidelines to keep everyone safe and happy. Some of the guidelines are always wearing a mask and washing your hands every hour. At Walmart, they have a limit on how many people can be in the store at a time and they have stickers on the floor that are six feet apart so people can practice social distancing at the checkout lines. We also have arrows on the floor in the aisles, so they are one-way to keep people six feet apart. Customers get a little upset about the markings on the floor, but it helps keep everyone safe.

Aside from my job at Walmart, I have hung out with my friends a little during quarantine. Some of my friend’s parents aren’t letting them out of their houses yet, so we have made sure that we Facetime each other. It’s a little upsetting to not get to spend time with my friends over this long break, but we are making the best of it.

COVID-19 makes things a little tougher at times, such as people losing their jobs, seniors not getting their graduation, or athletes missing their sport seasons. Right now, COVID-19 has taken motocross season away from my little brother, who broke his arm last year and his leg the year before. So, this racing season was going to be his first season back. Logan, my little brother, has been putting as much practice in as he can to get back into his racing grind. Then, COVID-19 caused all the racing to be cancelled, which was a little heart breaking to him and the rest of our family. Hopefully crowd bans will be lifted so our family can enjoy racing season again.

COVID-19 has been a little crazy staying at home all the time, so my family decided to start a little farm. We got chickens, ducks, and goats. We got five chickens and named them Nugget, Penelope, Dixie, Charolette, and Willow. Then, we got two ducks and named them Lucy and Ethel. Lastly, we got two goats and named them Ainsley Rae and Asher. The little farm we started is a little crazy, but so is quarantine. I am surviving quarantine.

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