Student Spotlight Turns to Kailee Morrison

By: Caroline Smyth 

     As the year starts, The Squire interviewed the first student spotlight, Kailee Morrison. Morrison is a senior at Eisenhower and participates in the sports volleyball and softball. The Squire asked her about some challenges this year and some advice about the stress that other seniors may face.  

     The Squire asked Morrison what the biggest challenge with balancing sports and school is in her opinion. Morrison answered, “I think the most challenging thing between sports and school is that on game days you can get home so late and still have to get your homework done.” Morrison has been very productive in school and with sports, and here at The Squire we think so too. 

     Being a senior, graduation is not far away, and colleges are needing to be taken into consideration. Morrison says, “I’m probably going to Mercyhurst to do something with science but I’m honestly not sure.” Most seniors are still deciding this early in the year, but having a plan, Morrison is off to a great start. 

     While Morrison does not particularly like the lack of school spirit, she does love the ability to hang out with friends while at Eisenhower. Outside of school she skis at Holiday Valley in the winter. This is another place and time that she has fun with friends and family.  

     “Going through high school, how does it feel to be at the final step before moving on in your life?” The Squire asked Morrison. The response was, “It’s honestly still hard to believe that I’m a senior. I still have a ton of work to do before I’m finished.” When asked about any advice there might be to give to underclassmen she replied with, “I would tell the underclassmen to get involved in things, go to school events, and have school spirit because it makes things so much more enjoyable.”  

     We think that Kailee is on the right track and The Squire would like to wish Kailee good luck in what she chooses to do. Eisenhower’s spotlight goes to Morrison as a great start for this year’s shining stars.          

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