The Squire Reviews the Arbor Coffee House 

By: Abe Wolf 

     In the Fall Issue of The Squire, a restaurant review could not happen if the destination was not the Arbor Coffee House: A small-yet-spacious, quiet-yet-bustling, cozy café along Second Avenue in Warren, Pennsylvania.      

      Containing a menu filled with baked goods, comfort foods, lunch items, and of course, coffee, the spot has grown increasingly popular over the past few years and is rarely seen without somebody sitting in a chair by the fireplace or outside in their designated dining space. The Squire had a few questions for this amazing business, hungry for answers and thirsty for a latte.  

The Squire: Explain the start up process for the business and how it has grown over the years. 

The Arbor Coffee House: We opened the Arbor Coffee House in 2001 and were here for a year before another coffee shop took over. We found the business was up for sale after multiple owners in 2016, so we decided to buy it and open the Arbor a second time. It was really cool to get the keys and come in and see all of our stuff still here from when we initially opened. We have been opened since October 2016 and seem to be getting established. 

TS: What can customers expect to see as additions to the fall menu? 

A: Apple pumpkin soup is our favorite fall addition. 

TS: In what way does the Arbor Coffee House cater to the fall-vibe/experience? 

A: We offer pumpkin spice lattes and apple crisp lattes, and people love them! We offer spiced cider in October from the Busti Cider Mill. We also love to do Halloween themes. 

TS: What are some drinks that customers can order off the menu? 

A: Caramel macchiatos are probably the top seller as far as drinks go, followed closely by chai lattes. 

TS: What is your personal favorite item off the menu for both drinks and food? 

A: My favorite drink is the white mocha made with almond milk and my favorite thing to eat is the potato mushroom wrap. 

TS: Have you ever considered expanding the business with a second location? Possibly more? 

A: We have considered possibly expanding over into the place next door when NY Style Deli moves to their new location. 

TS: Did your business have a major influence on the expansion of small businesses on the Second Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue stretch of Warren over the past few years? 

A: We believe that we are a good fit for downtown Warren. All the businesses on this stretch seem to compliment each other. We all work together and get along well with each other, supporting each other’s businesses. We love being able to be Warren’s coffee house, as well as a place where people can go to experience an afternoon tea. 

The Arbor wants to spread the message about their quality of food and drinks and the dining experience they provide. 

A: We take this opportunity very seriously and it’s our hope that people have a wonderful experience with quality food and drinks while here. Our motto is “Relax, Refresh, Revive,” and it’s our hope that we can create a space for that to happen for all who enter. 

     The Squire really enjoyed our interview, as well as our conversation beyond the interview; they are amazing people who run such a pleasant business. 

     As a regular visitor myself, I can proudly say that this is the best coffee house I have been to, among the many small coffee shops I have visited before. Initially, I was intimidated by the business, not feeling as if I would fit in since I am only a young teen. However, there is no place quite as comforting as the Arbor Coffee House. As my personal idol, Anthony Bourdain, stated directly through his philosophies on the world, food tells a story. The Arbor does exactly such. The second opening of this business showed that second chances are the best opportunities and that they can bring out the best in something. This place provides a comforting space to enjoy a caramel macchiato with strawberry crepes, a workplace for students and adults to trek through daunting work and tasks with a delightful cappuccino, and a quick-visit spot to grab smoothies made with almond milk and honey.  

     This place gently tells you to make yourself at home and that you are welcomed. It is a bright spot in the city of Warren and will continue to be for years to come. 

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