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Homecoming King and Queen Crowned 

By: Alyssa Wismar  

     The date was September 16, 2022. The lights were shining on the football field, the home team was up by 19 points, and the crowd was decorated with the brightest blue and gold imaginable. With two quarters of the game complete, it was time for one of the main attractions – announcing the Homecoming King and Queen.  

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Student Spotlight Turns to Kailee Morrison

By: Caroline Smyth 

     As the year starts, The Squire interviewed the first student spotlight, Kailee Morrison. Morrison is a senior at Eisenhower and participates in the sports volleyball and softball. The Squire asked her about some challenges this year and some advice about the stress that other seniors may face.  

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Shining our Spotlight on Mr. Taylor 

By: Abigail Grunden 

    This year at Eisenhower High School, we are welcoming a handful of new teachers. Every year, we get new staff and students and do our best to introduce them to everyone at EHS. Each edition of The Squire features a student and teacher. Not all who get featured are new, but we like for everyone to get to know new teachers and make it easier for them to join our EHS community. Our spotlight is shining on our new history teacher, Mr. Taylor. The Squire asked Mr. Taylor a few questions so could get to know him better. 

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