Students get Groovy for Homecoming  

 By: Alyssa Wismar  

     Homecoming is a very exciting and spirited week, and this year was no exception. The week of September 12, students dressed up for spirit days, had fun as a school at pep rallies, supported their team at the Homecoming football game, and danced the night away at the Homecoming dance.  

     Every event in this Homecoming week was meticulously planned by the students in Eisenhower’s Student Council. The Squire talked with the student council’s President, Rayna Hultman, about the different events that occurred, how they came to be, and the meaning behind them.  

      Students and teachers in the middle and high school participated in a spirit week for this Homecoming week, with the days being as follows: Monday was ‘Color Explosion Day,’ where students dressed up from head to toe in their favorite color. Tuesday was ‘Senior Citizen Day,’ where students dressed up like their grandparents. Wednesday was ‘Western Wednesday,’ where students dressed in their favorite western attire. Thursday was ‘Soccer Mom versus Barbecue Dad Day,’ where students dressed to fit the popular stereotypes of a soccer mom or a barbeque dad. And Friday was ‘Blue and Gold Day’, where students dressed in blue and gold to represent the school. When talking to Hultman, she expressed that ‘Senior Citizen Day’ was her favorite spirit day, among many other students, because it was such an interesting and new idea for a spirit day. Students and teachers alike were going all out in what they wore to increase school spirit throughout the week, including accessories such as wigs, walkers, cowboy hats, different colored glasses, beaded necklaces, and more!  

     To finish the spirit week, on Friday, the school held a pep rally. The school hadn’t had a pep rally for Homecoming week in years, and students were very excited to have it back. In fact, it was Hultman’s favorite part about the week, for it was a chance to bring all of the students together to show their school spirit! The cheerleaders performed stunts, and led cheers that included the students, while the band performed their music to show their school spirit. The Homecoming court representatives for each grade made their entrances, and each one was given a round of applause from the crowd. To conclude the pep rally, the girls and boys on the senior Homecoming Court played a volleyball game against one another. The girls started in the lead, but, in the end, the boys won. They then went on to play against a group of their teachers and won again.  

     The Knights football team also had an amazing victory at the Homecoming game that Friday. Fans were in the stands over an hour early just to make sure they would have the best seats possible! The cheerleaders and elementary cheerleaders-in-training provided extra enthusiasm and support for the game, while the student section was packed with the football player’s peers and friends.  

     In the midst of all the support from the fans, and the great playing from both teams, the Homecoming Queen and King of 2022 were announced. The lucky couple representing the senior class is Samantha Briggs and Brok English! 

     With everyone in the stadium filled to the brim with Eisenhower pride, the Knights had enough drive to win the game with the final score being 46-34! The spectators and team members were thrilled to see their home team win. When The Squire asked Sophomore Cheerleaders Cali Chapman and Callan Gigliotti how they felt about the game, and they both agreed that it was a rough game at times, but Chapman expressed, “…it turned out exactly how we wanted it.”  

     With the week and game ending so well, students were ready for an amazing night at the Homecoming dance. With the disco theme decided  unanimously by the Student Council, records hanging from the ceiling, an amazing D.J, and, to top it off, a disco ball above the middle of the floor, it was surely a night to remember. Students were dancing through the night to different songs from rap, country, pop, and older rock genres, which all seemed to be huge hits! 

     Homecoming is an important week of every school year, seeing as it brings the whole student body, along with the staff, together to celebrate their school and grow their school spirit. With how successful and fun this Homecoming week was, we can only hope that the ones in years to come are as memorable!  

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