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Pig Pen Plays Big Role in Sporting Events

By: Kris Bunk

     Students at Eisenhower have been supporting school sporting events a lot lately, and a big reason is because of The Pig Pen, which is the Eisenhower High School student section at sporting events. The Pig Pen participates in all sports, but seems to have boys basketball, football, and volleyball as their favorites to attend. The section has themes to dress up as for every game as students scream chants and yell as loud as they can. Head boys basketball coach, Ryan Mangini, has expressed how much he loves The Pig Pen at the games this season.

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Student Spotlight Turns to Kayla Welsh

By: Alyssa Wismar

     The Squire’s spotlight is shining on Eisenhower senior Kayla Welsh this issue. With all of the dedication and work that is visibly put into all of her clubs and activities throughout the school, including being the President of the Senior Class, and members of various clubs, Welsh has repeatedly made a positive impact on Eisenhower and the student community around her, making her a perfect choice for the spotlight.

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Conquer Cabin Fever

By: Kyler Black

     As the long and cold winter months continue, ideas for keeping busy inside on a snow day run low and are becoming thin. The Squire has you covered, with entertaining ideas to do on these boring days. Snow days can be very cold outside to the point were going outdoors just is not fun, so you need ways to be warmed up. When you start to get cabin fever, indoors can be just as fun as the outdoors.

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