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Learning About New Year’s Resolutions

By: Taylor Napolitan 

     The year 2020 is finally wrapping up as the end of December is approaching. This was a year full of stress and the constant need to adapt to change. Hopefully, the new year will be better, and one way to help you achieve your goals is to set a New Year’s Resolution!  

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Picking a Holiday Movie for the Family

By: Maddison Blose  

     Imagine sitting on your couch sipping a warm cup of hot cocoa, worrying about nothing but how fast your marshmallows are melting. Your whole family is cuddled up next you and enjoying the movie that is playing. Even through these tough times, it is important to stay in the holiday spirit, and one traditional way to achieve this is by watching classic family Christmas movies. For as long as I can remember, Christmas movies have been an extremely popular source of entertainment as the days get colder, and it is a fun activity for the entire family.  

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