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The Squire’s Spotlight Moves to Mrs. Alm

By: Alyssa Wismar 

     Eisenhower’s golden spotlight is currently shining on the beloved principal, Mrs. Alm. She has been a principal at Eisenhower for about seven years now, and to help students and staff get to know her better before she leaves, The Squire has moved the spotlight over to her for this spring issue. Keep reading to learn more details on her past, present, and future career, as well as her memories here at Eisenhower.  

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Working Towards Summer

By: Gracie Anthony 

     As the school year comes to an end, many people are looking for an activity to do over their break to keep busy. Getting a summer job is a good way to keep busy while earning money, having fun, and making memories. As people have more free time and the weather gets nicer, many people are out of their houses, making many restaurants and stores get busier, which requires more help and staff. With students and teachers having more down time, it’s a perfect way to spend summer while being productive, making new friends, and learning valuable skills.  

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Picking a Trendy Prom Dress

By: Jordyn Cooper 

     Prom night is one of the most memorable nights during your high school years and finding a dress to commit to can be a hard decision to make. Luckily, prom dress trends this year are extremely broad. Many of the popular styles include mermaid, open back, corset style, one shoulder, and high slits. The Squire did some research on 2022 trends to help you find the perfect dress. 

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