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Searching for the Perfect Promposal

By: Samara Warren

Prom is next month, but, of course, it’s not too late to “prompose” to a special someone. Promposals have become popular over the past few years. Boys always seem to be asking girls to prom, but when it comes to promposals, it can go either way. A promposal is when someone is asked to prom in a significant way, getting its name from a “proposal.” People use food, balloons, and the classic candles in the driveway to ask their –hopefully-soon-to-be- date to the dance. I experienced my first promposal as a sophomore. Continue reading Searching for the Perfect Promposal

Dressed to Impress for Prom

By: Taylor West

Prom is an event for high school students to not only have a fun time, but also dress more formally and fancily. For guys, a suit and tie will usually be their outfit. Girls, on the other hand, wear dresses. Buying a dress can be exciting, but stressful at the same time. There are many options to find a dress for prom. You can buy a dress from a store, borrow one, or order online. Continue reading Dressed to Impress for Prom

Planning for Prom

By: Samantha Dalrymple

After several long months of winter, spring is finally here, and that means prom is just around the corner! There is only one month to go until the dance, and everyone is getting ready by buying their formal wear, finding their dates, and planning for the special night. This year’s prom is located in a new place, where it has never been before, and it has a new theme that is sure to wow the crowd. The Squire interviewed Mrs. Alexander, one of the coordinators of prom and the head of Prom Committee, to ask her about the location of prom, and the theme of this year’s dance. Continue reading Planning for Prom