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Showing Up in Style

By: Aysia Peters

Around the end of May every year, the students of EHS excitedly look forward to attending prom. Many girls are always wondering what hairstyle they want in order to look their best on the big day. Before deciding which hairstyle to choose, it might be necessary to first pick out your dress. Choosing a dress is the most crucial part about prom, and it might help inspire your hair style. Next, you need to think about what suits your personality. Consider what will be the most comfortable hairstyle for you during prom. Then, you will be ready to officially decide the best way to wear your hair. Prom is one of the most memorable nights for a high school senior, so make it worth it by having the perfect hair and dress style. Continue reading Showing Up in Style

Prom 2015: A Knight on the Red Carpet

By: Sam Dalrymple

This year’s prom was located in Jamestown, New York, at the Willow Bay Theater, where the fourth floor of the building was transformed into a scene from a Hollywood movie. The venue was beautiful and large; there were high ceilings, chandeliers, and balconies overlooking the dance floor. The dance was covered in all things Hollywood, and was not a disappointment in any way; to say it lived up to all expectations would be an understatement. Prom committee, along with the advisors of the club, and parents, went to a lot of trouble to ensure that the night would be perfect for everyone. They even went as far as offering free valet parking for those students who attended the dance! Continue reading Prom 2015: A Knight on the Red Carpet

Choosing the Perfect Prom Date

By: Keeley Marquis

With prom quickly approaching, many single girls are worrying about their dresses, up-do’s, and of course, their dates. While students already in relationships pretty much have their dates figured out, single girls and guys are left wondering who they should ask to join them at the biggest dance of the year. So what needs to be considered in choosing the perfect prom date? Continue reading Choosing the Perfect Prom Date