Planning for Prom

By: Samantha Dalrymple

After several long months of winter, spring is finally here, and that means prom is just around the corner! There is only one month to go until the dance, and everyone is getting ready by buying their formal wear, finding their dates, and planning for the special night. This year’s prom is located in a new place, where it has never been before, and it has a new theme that is sure to wow the crowd. The Squire interviewed Mrs. Alexander, one of the coordinators of prom and the head of Prom Committee, to ask her about the location of prom, and the theme of this year’s dance.

The Squire: Where is prom located this year, and what is the space like?

Mrs. Alexander: Prom is being held at the Willow Bay Theater in down-town Jamestown, across from the Forte Restaurant. It is an open space, and is really cool looking. It’s on the fourth floor of the theater, so when you walk in, you will ride the elevator up to the top, and then enter into the space. The setup is a little different than the past places that we held prom at, but I think it has a lot of potential.

TS: When is prom and what time does the dance actually start?

MA: Prom is going to be the last Saturday in May, which is May 30. It starts at 7:30 pm, and goes until 10:30, but you can show up or leave at any time between those times.

TS: What is the theme of prom this year? What styles of dresses and tuxes are you expecting to see at the dance?

MA: The theme of prom this year is Hollywood, and the name of the dance is A Knight on the Red Carpet. I think this is going to be a really cool theme, and I am expecting to see a lot of sparkly dresses, and black tuxes. Usually, at red carpet events, you see celebrities who are wearing straight, tight dresses, so I’m expecting to see a lot of dresses like that at the dance.

TS: How much planning and prepping goes into prom?

MA: A lot goes into planning for prom; we spend months looking at Pinterest and pinning ideas for the dance that correspond with the theme, and then we look up where we can get the items, decide what we can afford, and then we start to order things. If we can make things by hand, we do, but usually we have to buy a lot. This means that we do a lot of fundraising, so that we can afford everything we need to get. After we get everything, we spend the entire day before setting up for the dance.

TS: How is the prepping going so far this year?

MA: The planning is going well this year; we have a lot of involved students on Prom Committee, and their parents have even been getting involved. The money was a bit short in the beginning, but they did a lot of fundraising and earned the money that we needed to buy everything we need, and to rent out the space. I am excited to see how the decorating goes; I think that it is going to end up looking fantastic!

Mrs. Alexander and Ms. Walter are the heads of Prom Committee; they put in a ton of time getting ready for the dance, along with all of the students who are a part of Prom Committee. The theme and the new space for this year’s dance are sure to be a hit for all of the students attending. Tickets are for sale, so see any Prom Committee members about more information for buying tickets. Be sure to clear your schedule for May 30 and get your date, because you won’t want to miss the 2015 Eisenhower Prom!

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