Searching for the Perfect Promposal

By: Samara Warren

Prom is next month, but, of course, it’s not too late to “prompose” to a special someone. Promposals have become popular over the past few years. Boys always seem to be asking girls to prom, but when it comes to promposals, it can go either way. A promposal is when someone is asked to prom in a significant way, getting its name from a “proposal.” People use food, balloons, and the classic candles in the driveway to ask their –hopefully-soon-to-be- date to the dance. I experienced my first promposal as a sophomore. I was asked by my close friend, Joey Close, from Warren High School. He spelled out “Prom” in peperoni on a pizza, and there was absolutely no way I could’ve said no.

Another promposal that was quite a success was a few weeks ago, when Jacob McCool, a senior here at EHS, asked fellow senior, Haylie Birt, to prom. Haylie had just gotten her wisdom teeth out, and Jacob thought of his promposal last minute. He cut two pieces of paper out to look like teeth, and wrote, “Even though you lost your wisdom teeth, do you still think it’d be wise to go with me to prom?” across them. Jacob explained that the pressures of social media made him think that his promposal had to be over the top, and Haylie shared that she was very surprised and thought the whole thing was clever.

Promposals aren’t gender biased, either. The perfect example was recently, when Rachel Enos, a junior as EHS, asked her boyfriend. Rachel’s boyfriend, Jacob Stover, attends another school, and she found a promposal idea on the internet. Rachel gathered up different kinds of candy like Snickers, Mounds, Sweetarts, Smarties, and Extra gum. She taped the candy on a piece of poster board, spelling out a message about prom. Rachel said the promposal was a success – Jacob was surprised and couldn’t stop smiling afterwards.

If you’re having a hard time deciding how to ask someone to prom, you can use one of these creative ideas, previously done by our very own EHS students. If you’re looking for an idea even more creative and unique, check out social media and other websites, like Pintrest, for the perfect promposal idea.

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