Homecoming Bonfire

By: Samara Warren Media Manager

EHS students were pumped up for the annual bonfire that took place Wednesday, September 30. Louie Head and Jacob Hamilton created their two teams of girls and battled it out on the football field in an intense game of powder puff football. Abby Lundmark, a senior, was the quarterback on Head’s team, while Lexi Head, a freshman, was the quarterback on Hamilton’s team. The game was refereed  by fellow Squire members, Jason Tucker and Logan Eadie. Jacob’s team took the lead with a touchdown by freshman athlete, Delaney Nizzi, but Head’s team caught up with a touchdown by Emily McJunkin. The game ended with Hayleigh Hishman kicking a field goal, winning Jacob’s team the game. Eisenhower students are busy preparing for Homecoming this week and are looking forward to the Homecoming football game, Friday October 2.

Student Spotlight: Katie Enos

By: Chris Sanders

For this edition of student spotlight, The Squire went right to the best voice in the school, Katie Enos. Katie is a senior at EHS, and is the lead singer in the band, The Flock. The Flock is a Christian rock band that tries to spread the message of God and plays often at several local venues. We caught up with Katie and asked her a few questions about the next steps for her and the band. Continue reading Student Spotlight: Katie Enos

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