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Chiefs and Buccaneers Face Off in Super Bowl LV

By: Dillon Benson 

     This year’s Super Bowl took place on February 7, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. At the end of the regular season, the Chiefs ended with 14-2 record while the Buccaneers finished with a record of 11-5. Both teams have wonderful offenses that scored points in numerous tough situations. The Chiefs have former MVP, Patrick  Mahomes, at quarterback, followed by all-star, Travis Kelce, at tight end and Tyree Hill at wide receiver. On the other side of the ball, the Buccaneers have an offense full of all-stars. It all starts with 6-time Super Bowl Champ, 4-time Super Bowl MVP, and 3-time League MVP Tom Brady, who is said to be one of the best players in NFL history. Brady is followed by offensive all-stars, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Lenard Fournette, and one of the best recorded receivers,  Antonio Brown, returning for his first season since 2018.  

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Transitioning Between Learning Options

By: Maddison Blose 

     Imagine waking up every day and connecting to your class online, everyone with their mics and cameras off, working silently. Sounds boring, right? The online version of teaching and learning is relatively new to many teachers and students, and a recent rise in COVID-19 cases resulted in a temporary transition to remote learning. Many teachers and students were glad to be away, while others struggled and wished we were still learning in person.  Looking at both options, which one do you prefer? 

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