You Know What Really Grinds My Gears: An Editorial

By: Alex Roberts

You know what really grinds my gears? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You may have heard of the infamous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but you may not know how much of a blatant sham it is. How could one-hit-wonders such as Depeche Mode, T. Rex, and Steely Dan make the cut, but not the legendary German hard rock group, the Scorpions?

Their official website,, says the group was founded in 1965 by rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker in Hanover, Germany. They didn’t have mainstream American success, however, until their 1979 LP Lovedrive paved the way for their 1980 album Animal Magnetism led by the hit, “The Zoo.” This success led to the 1982 LP Blackout, which held the hit single, “No One Like You.” It debuted in the US top ten and earned the band their first platinum album. Their 1984 album, Love At First Sting, held the ever popular stadium chant, “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” which can still be heard at football games today. Their most influential album, however, was 1990’s Crazy World, led by the power ballad, “Wind of Change,” which was written about the fall of the Berlin Wall. It became a worldwide hymn to the fall of communism and the end of the Cold War.

One would assume that this level of monumental success would warrant their admission into the Hall of Fame. Bands become eligible for the hall of fame 25 years after their first album’s release, which was 1990 in their case. Why is it then, that year after year, the Scorpions are snubbed for induction when bands with far less influence make the cut consistently? You cannot sit there and tell me that Tupac and Biggie had more influence on rock and roll than the Scorpions. The non-rock artists in the Hall of Fame are perhaps more infuriating than one-hit-wonders.

When The Squire asked senior, Nick Jones, how he felt on the matter, he replied, “I think it’s ridiculous, I can’t sleep most nights thinking of this atrocity.” Who in their right mind sat down and thought that Cheap Trick and Ringo Starr’s solo career are more deserving of the hall of fame than the Scorpions? I cannot fathom any possible reason why abysmal bands like U2 (who’s music is only passable at a bad wedding) gain induction, but not the Scorpions. It truly grinds my gears.

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