Grinding Our Way into Offseason Workouts

By: Dillon Benson

Last week was the beginning of the offseason sports grind at Eisenhower High School. EHS students are getting prepared for the long season in the nearby future. Some featured sports working hard to condition for their upcoming seasons are football, soccer, baseball, and softball.

Some reasons for starting off early in the offseason is so athletes can be in the best shape and be ready for anything that could happen in a game situation. So far, the football team has been going three days a week for the last two weeks. The Squire recently spoke with Eisenhower’s football team linebacker, Jared Beers, and asked him what some of the reasons he and his teammates start preparing so early and he explained, “My teammates and I prepare so early because we want to become the best team we can and win D-10 championship.” As you can see, Jared Beers is always getting better and always ready for a championship.

Another offseason program going on is softball, and they have also been lifting three days a week as well. The offseason is also a great time to work and perfect your craft. The Squire spoke with softball pitcher, Zoie Olsen, and asked her what advice she would give younger athletes about offseason workouts and preparing for the upcoming season. She commented, “Take offseason workouts seriously, because that’s when you can improve the most.” Since girls softball is preparing and getting ready for a big season, Zoie Olsen is hoping she is right about lots of improvement and they can have a great season.

The last offseason workout program The Squire spent time learning more about is baseball. The team has started some workouts, but haven’t hit offseason things too hard yet. A lot of the baseball players also play football, so they are doubling their workouts. Star quarterback and pitcher, Owen Trumbull, has some pretty high goals for this upcoming baseball season. The Squire recently spoke with him and asked what some of his goals are for the upcoming season he is preparing for, and he said, “To have a team record above .500.” In other words, their goal is to win more games than they lose this year.

Overall, all the athletes we interviewed believe the offseason is a very important time for preparation and goal setting. They are getting ready for anything and everything that might happen in future game situations. As part of the process, they’re setting goals that they’re hoping to change into reality in the near future.


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