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Reviewing Valentine’s Day Candy, A to Z

By: Lindsay Finch

Besides showing love and appreciation towards your special someone, candy is one of the top things people receive for Valentine’s Day. Since the early 1900’s, chocolate was a staple for the love-filled holiday; eventually, with the addition of time and technology, sugar filled, gummy treats were introduced into the mix of treats received. Candy trends have come and gone, but for 2019, The Squire found a bundle full of candies that are selling off the shelves. Continue reading Reviewing Valentine’s Day Candy, A to Z

Teacher Spotlight Shines on Mr. Zapel

By: Matthew Vibbert

As the school year started, we saw some returning faces, such as Mr. Zapel, who returned this year after being out all of last school year on his paternity leave. Some of you may have previously known him, while others may not have had the chance to have him as a teacher. With his leave, Mr. Zapel’s position took the place of Mrs. Smith, who has recently moved out of the district. Mr. Zapel was nice enough to answer a few questions about himself, as well as give The Squire some details about his teaching experiences. Continue reading Teacher Spotlight Shines on Mr. Zapel