How to Make Your Super Bowl Party Score Big

By: Maya Swanson

The Super Bowl is the biggest annual sporting event, and last year, according to, about 98.2 million viewers watched in the United States alone. While the athletes prepare for the big game, others prepare for the party that goes on during. The Squire is here to help to make sure that your party scores big!

The Squire interviewed Jean Swanson, Squire staff member Lydia Larson’s grandma, who has been throwing a Super Bowl party for over 30 years. There are many different directions you can take when throwing a party, such as keeping it casual and small or big and exciting. Jean sticks with just family, however, with 27 close family members, she said it tends to get chaotic at times. Jean also mentioned, “Most of the time everyone cheers for the same team, so we have lots of fun.”

If you’re planning on throwing a party with just your friends, The Squire recommends hosting some football themed games to keep the non-football fans entertained. You can find free printable Super Bowl bingo sheets anywhere online, you could also host a Super Bowl box pool prediction, or you could play corn hole.

Jean likes to prepare by making sure that she has everything in order, but I think we can all agree no matter how big or small, you always need food and refreshments. Jean explains her food traditions, “I always prepare chicken wings, hot chicken wing soup and chip dips.” She also suggested having everyone bring a dish to pass so there are a variety of choices.  Lydia, who attends her grandmother’s party every year, told us she enjoys the chicken wings and always looks forward to her uncle’s hot shrimp. When it comes to refreshments, I would recommend a homemade punch or just sticking with sodas. Pinterest is the place to go to find any recipe, from homemade pizza to a punch that everyone from kids to adults can enjoy.

When we asked Jean about her favorite part of hosting a party each year, we learned her kids were the first ones to suggest throwing a Super Bowl party, and she has stuck with it ever since. She enjoys having the family over each year to enjoy the big game and cheer on their favorite team!

We hope these ideas and suggestions help you plan your next Super Bowl party. Whether the team you’re rooting for wins or loses, your guests will remember the great time they had at the party you threw. Planning a party can be stressful, but with these great suggestions, you will be sure to score big this Super Bowl season.

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