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Firing into Rifle Season

By: Lydia Larson

     As the days start to get colder and shorter, most people are not thrilled about the changes in weather, but, for deer hunters, the fun is just getting started. Rifle season this year started on November 27 and finished on December 11. Normally, for the first week of the season, you can only harvest a deer with antlers but, this year, however, you were able to harvest an antlerless deer. Rifle season around Eisenhower is very popular, so The Squire interviewed Jake Venman, a senior at EHS, to get his insight on this year’s season.

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Lighting up Boys Sports

By: Rose Perrin

     As the winter season starts, winter sports start to come into action. Wrestling and basketball are the few winter sports at Eisenhower for the boys. The Squire interviewed a student from both sports and asked them about their thoughts and their predictions for this season. Overall, the teams feel good about their progress and hope to do their best.

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Girls Winter Sports Blow In

By: Paige Pratt

   As the cold of winter weather blows in, so do winter sports. For the girls winter sports, Eisenhower offers basketball and cheer. Basketball games can be very intense and a great sport to watch. Just as much, cheerleading, with all the stunts and cheers, can help to make a game very rowdy. Each sport has been practicing for about a month now preparing for a great season. The Squire sat down with junior basketball player, Kaitlin Sleeman, and freshman cheerleader, Cali Chapman, to learn what is going on in their current seasons.

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