Lighting up Boys Sports

By: Rose Perrin

     As the winter season starts, winter sports start to come into action. Wrestling and basketball are the few winter sports at Eisenhower for the boys. The Squire interviewed a student from both sports and asked them about their thoughts and their predictions for this season. Overall, the teams feel good about their progress and hope to do their best.

     The Squire interviewed senior basketball player, Jake Venman. This year, the boys were quarantined after only 10 practices. Venman shared his thoughts saying, “I feel like we have a lot of talent and will do good this year.” He also shared that even though they were quarantined he thinks it won’t affect them much and they’ll do fine. He is looking forward to having a strong, winning season this winter. Among the many teams they will have to compete against, he commented that he thinks either Cochranton or Cambridge Springs will be their biggest competition, but that they are not going to look past anyone they will compete against.

     In addition to the basketball team, The Squire also interviewed senior, Cael Black, who is a wrestler for Eisenhower. This season, he plans to get back into shape after coming back from an injury and furthering his technique to be as perfect as he can when he is competing. The Squire asked what he was looking forward to in wrestling this year, and Black explained, “I’m really excited to compete. I haven’t been able to and its something I’m very passionate about, so just being able to compete. The post season is something I have put a lot of thought into in the last nine months, so this should be a great opportunity.” He plans on trying his best to defeat his competition by having fun and enjoying the process while scoring all the points he can. Black shared with The Squire that to help better his performance he is focusing on eating healthy, having a good mindset, and getting the right amount of sleep, while also taking care of his body.

    With the boys feeling great about how they’ll perform this season, both teams are looking forward to doing their best and improving where they feel they need to. We wish good luck to boys basketball team on their games and all the wrestlers in their competitions. As they work hard towards their progress, The Squire hopes they will be able to accomplish all their goals for this season.

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