Girls Winter Sports Blow In

By: Paige Pratt

   As the cold of winter weather blows in, so do winter sports. For the girls winter sports, Eisenhower offers basketball and cheer. Basketball games can be very intense and a great sport to watch. Just as much, cheerleading, with all the stunts and cheers, can help to make a game very rowdy. Each sport has been practicing for about a month now preparing for a great season. The Squire sat down with junior basketball player, Kaitlin Sleeman, and freshman cheerleader, Cali Chapman, to learn what is going on in their current seasons.

     Basketball is a sport full of rules and equipment, but it is also an action-packed game that keeps the crowd wondering what will happen next. The basketball team is putting a lot of effort into making this season a good one. With them having a short number of players, they are trying to make the best of it.

      The Squire interviewed Kaitlin Sleeman to see if the number of players is affecting their team negatively. She said it is causing less posts, but if they understand the plays and practice like they want to play, it will be a successful season.

     Former girls basketball player, Emily Wheeler, is who Kaitlin looks up to the most because, “She knows what she is doing and is really good naturally.” While the season will be challenging with the lack of players, they are determined to only progress and move forward.

     Cheerleading is also very challenging, with throwing girls in the air and some difficult looking stunts. The winter cheer team is just as determined on improving as the year continues. The Squire interviewed Cali Chapman to see what they will be doing to reach their goals. Cali replied, “Our goal as a team would be to win our first competition and keep our school spirit up during the games.” What’s a game without school spirit, right?

     According to Cali, the team is very comfortable around each other, so they know how everyone functions. Even with a young team this year, with their talents and camaraderie, this will be a great season for these girls.

     Both sports provide some entertainment and fun activities throughout this winter season. The Squire wishes the best of luck to both teams this year and hopes you will come to support!

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