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Packing for College this Fall 

By: Brittany Smith 

     As the upcoming seniors are ending their high school career, it becomes time to start preparing for their future. If college is the next step in life, there are some helpful tips that can be learned to help upcoming college freshman know how to pack for the big move. The Squire interviewed senior, Amber Penley, as she is preparing for her next step. 

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DIY Yard Projects to Try this Summer 

By: Morgan Kellogg 

     As warm weather sets in, so do the summer festivities. From cookouts with friends and family, to picnics in the park there are lots of outdoor activities to get you out of the house. When looking to plan a cookout many things go into it. Some details you need to plan out are food, seating, and an area to hold your cookout.  

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Clean Up this Spring with Mr. Stimmell and Logan Abbott

By: Logan Abbott 

     The birds are singing their happy songs, the trees are budding, and the grass is getting green.  All the sounds of spring are drowned out by the sound of lawnmowers getting started back up, weed eaters trimming down those hard-to-get places, and rakes being used to get the sticks out of your yard.  

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