DIY Yard Projects to Try this Summer 

By: Morgan Kellogg 

     As warm weather sets in, so do the summer festivities. From cookouts with friends and family, to picnics in the park there are lots of outdoor activities to get you out of the house. When looking to plan a cookout many things go into it. Some details you need to plan out are food, seating, and an area to hold your cookout.  

     Before deciding what food to serve, you’ll want to plan out your seating and area for your cookout. First, you will need to mow and clean your lawn. You can clean your lawn by picking up sticks or clutter that may be laying around. Next, you will want to clean up your firepit area. This will be where everyone will be spending most of their time. If you would like, you can lay gravel down around your fire pit for a nice little patio area. Once your firepit area is cleaned and ready to go, you can start building the seating. 

     One seating option for your cookout might be to ask everyone to bring a chair. However, The Squire is here to show you a classier way of seating. You can set out a picnic table for anyone who might want to eat there. This way, kids and adults can have the option of eating at a table to avoid any unwanted spills or messes. With the help of, we found the perfect seating DIY for you! For our seating DIY, some supplies you will need are 12 cinderblocks, four 4×4 boards, wood stain, and liquid-nails paste. 

  1. To start our DIY, you are going to take your 4×4 boards, and stain them with the wood stain. The good thing about this project, is that you can cut the boards to be any length you want the seating to be. If you would like your seating to be able to hold three to four people, The Squire recommends you go with 6-foot boards. With 6-foot boards, you can comfortably fit three people with extra room for a fourth person. Once your boards are stained, set them aside to start the base of the seating. 
  1. For the base of the outdoor seating, you are going to set six cinder blocks on each side and start to put your pattern together. You can set up your cinder blocks in any pattern but for the best results you should use this pattern. First, put two cinder blocks face down (holes facing up) and use the liquid-nails paste to secure them. Do this with eight of your blocks. You should have four sets of two. Next, take two of the four sets and set them next to each other, with the short ends together, use liquid-nails paste to secure the two ends together. Do this on both sides. Once your cement is secure, take your last four blocks and set them on top of the four cinder blocks. These cinder blocks should have the holes facing outwards. Use liquid nails to secure these cinderblocks as well. 
  1. Once the liquid nails paste has dried, you can slide your 4×4 boards into the holes of the cinder blocks.  

Once you have followed our easy step by step instructions, your seating is now done! With a few outdoor pillows and a cozy looking firepit, your outdoor area is ready for lots of company. For more information about yard care, check out

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