Packing for College this Fall 

By: Brittany Smith 

     As the upcoming seniors are ending their high school career, it becomes time to start preparing for their future. If college is the next step in life, there are some helpful tips that can be learned to help upcoming college freshman know how to pack for the big move. The Squire interviewed senior, Amber Penley, as she is preparing for her next step. 

    Next fall, Amber Penley is going to Pennsylvania State University, University Park, and she will be studying Anthropological Science. When asked about essentials to pack, Amber says that “Everyone going to college should bring bath and bedding supplies, school materials, cooking and food supplies, clothes and laundry supplies, and anything else that you may need in your dorm.”  

     Something else you can pack for your dorm is a calendar to write down your assignments and their due dates so you can stay on track academically. Another thing you should pack is plenty of storage. Having storage will help you pack more things that you need without using all of your space. If you and your roommate are coffee drinkers, instead of spending your money at the campus cafe, get a coffee maker like a Keurig, that way you can make coffee and spend your money on more important things. 

     The most important thing Amber is taking to college is her laptop. It has several programs that are necessary for college, so it is especially critical for her to bring it along with her to Penn State. With a lot of learning taking place online and Covid-19 still around, you may have some virtual classes, so it is very important to have a laptop. Another good thing to get is headphones, which can be very helpful if you do not want to disturb your roommate, plus they can also help you concentrate better. 

     While at college, you may be away from your family for long periods of time. This can be difficult for some people who are close to their parents or guardians. It can also be difficult when you have to start packing since is the time when you realize that you have to leave, and many students are leaving their childhood homes for the first time. Amber says that the hardest part about packing will be “making sure I do not forget anything important, because it will be hard to keep track of every little thing I am bringing as there will be a large list. It will also be hard to take my belongings out of my house and accept the fact that I am really leaving and starting my new life at PSU.” 

     If you want to know more about what to pack, you can look on your college’s website to see if they have a list that can help you. The Squire would like to wish all the seniors good luck on their next adventure. 

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