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Camping this Spring

By: Wyatt Tucker

     The snow is melting, and the nights are getting warmer, which means that it is time to bust out your tents and sleeping bags and hit the trail. There are many places to camp in Pennsylvania as a whole; however, the places that we have at our fingertips right here in Warren County are some of the best. We have the Allegheny National Forest practically surrounding us. With five-hundred-thousand acres of land to explore, you are sure to find a place that suits you. On top of the National Forest, there are also many other places that are nearby, such as Jakes Rocks, which has some awesome rock features, or places like the Chautauqua Lake KOA if you are looking for a place that is more organized and has lots of amenities. Knowing that finding a location to camp won’t be a problem, let’s look at some of the options you have for shelter in the wild.

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Blooming into the Spring Season    

 By: Taylor Napolitan 

     Between Covid and the long winter we had this year, adding some color to your spring season will truly brighten up your day! The Squire interviewed high school science teacher, Mrs. Swanson, to find out her input on spring planting and gardening. When asked about her favorite thing to plant in her garden, Swanson stated, “I love to plant perennials which come up every year.  I have lilies and peonies, which are amazing.”  She has had four flowerbeds for more than 40 years. She also stated that she plants Geraniums and, “…bright flowers like Marigolds and Dahlias.” She also added that she likes to think of the plants she maintains as her children because she loves to take care of them and keep them safe while they grow.  

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Keeping Busy During the Summer  

By: Maddison Blose  

     Despite the unpredictable weather conditions of Pennsylvania, the longer days and warmer nights of summer are approaching, which means summer vacation is soon to follow! With the warm weather comes an endless amount of exciting activities to do, but without school it is hard for some to find ways to stay occupied and entertained. Thankfully, The Squire is here to help, so stay tuned and maybe you will find a new favorite hobby! 

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