Clean Up this Spring with Mr. Stimmell and Logan Abbott

By: Logan Abbott 

     The birds are singing their happy songs, the trees are budding, and the grass is getting green.  All the sounds of spring are drowned out by the sound of lawnmowers getting started back up, weed eaters trimming down those hard-to-get places, and rakes being used to get the sticks out of your yard.  

     You might be thinking, “Ugh!” but don’t fear, The Squire is here to help you get that spring yard care done right! To learn more about spring cleanup, The Squire decided to interview Eisenhower Middle School teacher, Mr. Stimmell. 

     First, you should walk around and pick up the sticks before you mow the yard, so you don’t jam up the mower. Then, go through your yard, and rake up some of the wet leaves, which will help ensure your lawn mower won’t get stuck. Weather is an important factor in the cleanup, so plan accordingly.   

     When The Squire asked Mr. Stimmell what the hardest part of spring cleanup was, he replied, “Just finding the motivation to do it.” That is true, but, with The Squire’s help, you can do your yard work with ease. When asked about some other aspects of cleaning his yard, Mr. Stimmell stated that the easiest part was simply walking around while cleaning, which can be beneficial to both you and your yard.  

     Mr. Stimmell recommends that some tools you should use to make your yard perfect, are rakes, shovels, and trimmers. Yard work can be very easy especially starting with simple tools and hard work. Other helpful items might be using equipment such as a gardening hoe to work in the garden or a tractor to pick up branches.  

     The Squire also asked Mr. Stimmell about the perfect time to clean, and he mentioned that whenever time and weather permits is the best time to get outside in the spring. When The Squire asked about how much time it takes to clean the yard from winter, he kept it short and sweet and said just a few days. According to Mr. Stimmell, both he and his wife do most of the yard work. Finally, when asked about why lawn cleaning is essential for him, and he shared, “So my house and property look nice.”  

     This spring, help out at home and give The Squire’s suggestions a try. With these simple tips, you can keep your yard looking nice all summer!  

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