How to Have an Eek-tastic Halloween

By: Paige Edwards

     It is officially October, that means Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is a huge holiday for children. Most love dressing up and getting free candy, I mean who doesn’t, right? The Squire interviewed Mrs. Richardson, a middle school teacher here at Eisenhower, about her family’s Halloween traditions.

     One big way to get into this fall holiday is trick or treating. The Squire asked Richardson if she takes her children trick or treating and she said, “Yes, I take my kids trick or treating. It’s their favorite holiday. They love going up house to house and ringing the doorbells to collect candy.”  So, if you are looking for something to do with little ones this Halloween, trick or treating will always be an option. This year Halloween is on a Sunday, so make sure you check your local paper or Facebook page for the trick or treating dates and times.

     The biggest thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween is costumes. Most people either make their own costume or buy one. When Richardson was asked what she likes to do for her kid’s costumes, she said, “I buy my children’s costumes; I don’t have the extra time to make them and a lot of times they are cheaper than buying all the supplies.’’ Another topic that is important to consider on Halloween is temperature. Due to the area that we live in, Halloween is usually very cold, so how do you keep little ones warm as they’re enjoying the holiday? Richardson shared that she always allows room in the costume to wear layers underneath. Another tip she shared was, “Get some of the Hot Hands packs to put in the costumes. Ten packs are sold at Walmart for $5.72, so it is a great and inexpensive way to stay warm.”

     Another fun way to get into the spirit is by hosting or attending a Halloween party. Richardson shared that in the past she has taken her kids to the Halloween party at Beaty Middle School in Warren, PA. She mentioned that the kids walked the hallways, gathered candy, and then met in the cafeteria for crafts and snacks. Unfortunately, this event is canceled this year due to COVID-19.

     Don’t be a jerk-O-lantern this Halloween and go out celebrating by trick or treating, going to a Halloween party, or just dressing up to pass out candy. Also, make sure you check your local news for Halloween events. The Squire hopes you have a spooktacular Halloween.

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