Dancing Under the Stars

By: Bridgette Gourley 

     Fall is an exciting time for the students at Eisenhower High School. During this time, the Student Council plans and organizes the homecoming dance and spirit week, as the whole school gets ready for a festive week of being Eisenhower Knights. The dance is annually held on the Saturday night of homecoming weekend, with the football game being held on Friday. This year was no exception. 

     During half time of the game, the homecoming court was announced on the football field, after riding in on trucks from Jones Chevrolet. It is always a night full of school spirit, excitement, and anticipation. This year, seniors Bailey Lundmark and Audrey Kellogg were crowned the homecoming king and queen. The Eisenhower Knights won their homecoming game against Cambridge Springs, with a final score of 14-0. The Squire interviewed the homecoming king, Bailey Lundmark, and one of Eisenhower’s football players, Thakari Warren, to get more information about the crowning of our king and queen and about the big game.  

     The Squire sat down with Bailey Lundmark to find out more about the Homecoming dance and what it was like to be crowned king. He shared that he was surprised to be chosen as the king, and that he enjoyed the dance, explaining, “I had a fun night dancing with all my friends. The only thing I would have changed was maybe making the music more upbeat.” While the dance was originally planned to be in the courtyard, as the theme was “A Knight under the Stars,” it was moved inside due to weather conditions. Bailey didn’t mind the move, sharing, “I enjoyed having the dance in the gym instead of the cafeteria where it has been held in the past years. The gym definitely has more space and is cozier to move around. I enjoyed the slow dance songs the best.” Student Council’s hard work in planning a special and memorable event paid off, as many students enjoyed this special night. 

     After a year break from Homecoming festivities, due to Covid-19, students and community members alike were excited for this year’s Homecoming football game. Thakari Warren is a senior at Eisenhower and is a part of the team. The Squire asked him just a couple questions to sum up how the game went. Warren was pleased with how the game went, explaining, The final score was 14-0. We played well and fought pretty tough. It was a big defensive game, and our offense was able to get us a couple scores and led us to the big win.” There were some standout players who really did well this game, as Warren complimented his teammates, “Shawn Pascuzzi has some really good runs and key plays. Wyatt Lookenhouse had some good key plays also and played a very good defensive game as well.” The players were excited for the win, and so was the student section, as they enthusiastically cheered and held up signs throughout the game.  

     Covid-19 has had a major impact on many people, schools, and communities. We are all so thankful that the student council was able to put on these events and that we were able to have a homecoming that was as normal as possible under the current conditions. Check out our Squire Snaps on our website for photos from the dance, the crowning of the king and queen, and the Homecoming football game.  

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