Girls Sports Fall into Action

By: Lydia Larson 

     As the school year begins, so does girls fall sports. Every summer the girls volleyball, soccer, and cross country teams start their crash week, which is every athlete’s least favorite week, a week or two before the first day of school. Even though crash week is hard on the athletes, it is very beneficial to the individual and the team as a whole. The Squire sat down with junior volleyball player, Rayna Hultman, junior cross-country runner, Madison Cathcart, and sophomore soccer player, Katie Bunk, to get an inside scoop about their seasons.

     A sport where you cannot hesitate for one second is volleyball. The volleyball team was off to a rough start this year, as they were quarantined after only playing in one game and one tournament. The Squire first interviewed Rayna Hultman, who shared that Covid has had a big impact on their season because of being in quarantine and missing practice. As a result, it has stunted their growth as a team. Hultman also told us that “Next season I plan to bond more with the underclassman to help the team progress more throughout the season.” The volleyball team has recently acquired a new coaching staff, Patty Hawley-Mead, as head coach, and Tiffany Lester, as assistant coach. New coaches are always hard to adjust to, but according to the team they have accustomed well and have progressed with gaining new skills.

     Cross-country is one sport where you have to pace yourself and not waste all your energy in the beginning. When The Squire met with Madison Cathcart, we asked her how their season was looking so far and she explained, “I think so far our season is looking pretty good. Everyone’s times have improved since last year and we all are working really hard this season.” Cross-country has been affected by Covid this season as well. Cathcart shared that they cannot stay over night for meets that are bigger and farther away, and, along with that, they are not able to run against some of the teams they normally compete against. Cathcart told The Squire that, in order to help improve their team for next year, she plans to “keep in shape and run for the summer and hopefully we can get more people to join cross country.”

     Soccer is a very active and contact-heavy sport so players must be ready for anything at any moment. Next, we sat down with Katie Bunk to see what the team’s biggest goal is this season. She shared that, “Our biggest goal is definitely to make it to playoffs. We have a ton of talent, so we should hopefully be able to accomplish that.” Bunk also explained that Covid has affected their season by not allowing the team to play as much as they would have in previous years, they are always uncertain whether they will play their upcoming games. Lastly, Bunk shared with us that she plans to keep recruiting more players for years to come, and that they have a small team currently, so extra numbers would benefit them greatly. They have figured out what “their game” is and they just need to keep playing it to allow them to improve.

     The Squire wishes the best of luck to the volleyball, cross-country, and soccer teams as they finish the rest of their seasons! With Covid creeping around the corner, there is always uncertainty, but these teams are taking many precautions to help prevent being shut down. These girls put many hours and a lot of energy into their sports, so make sure to go support them this season. Good luck girls!

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