Get Decorative this Fall

By: Paige Edwards    

     As we all know, fall has arrived here in Warren County, and, along with the new season, comes festive decorating. Fall is a cozy time of year, which means plaid, pumpkins, and warm colors become popular. The Squire sat down with local interior designer, Sarah Edwards of Renovation Inspiration, to talk about some of her fall favorites. We talked about everything from fall colors to textures and prints. 

     One of the very first questions we asked Mrs. Edwards was what colors come to mind when a designer thinks of fall? She replied, “Warm colors. Try to stay away from cool.” The Squire asked about tones of green, wondering if those fit with the fall aesthetic. Edwards explained that olive shades of green work for fall, but others do not. That means say goodbye to your greys, blues, and purples and bring in some shades of brown, red, or orange. She also recommended that those decorating for fall stay away from, “Pastels, since they are springtime colors, not fall.”  

     Another big element for fall decorations are textures and prints. Edwards mentioned, “Textures are amazing for fall decorating. They really bring out the rustic feel of fall.” She continues to mention that plaid, burlap, flannel and tweed are always good options. Along with the textures, she also described some of her favorite fall decorations, “I like to use little pumpkins or funky looking gourds; it gives it more character. I also like to use some rustic looking wood, for something like a table centerpiece. It adds to those rough textures.” 

     Finally, Edwards was asked a big question that everyone struggles with when fall decorating. That question was, how do you make a room have that cozy fall feel but not make it look cluttered or busy? She replied with, “Use large scale items instead of a bunch of small ones. For example, instead of using a bunch of little nick knacks, use one big item.”  

     These are just a few tips and tricks for fall decorating. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule a home visit with Edwards you can contact her at (814)706-3664 or shoot her an email at This season, remember to incorporate warm colors, textures, and large-scale items and your home will be all set for the fall season. 

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