Caleb Penley Shines Brightly as Student Spotlight 

By: Caroline Smyth  

     As the school year comes speeding to an end, The Squire took this opportunity to interview senior, Caleb Penley. When The Squire reached out to Penley, he didn’t hesitate to share his experiences and views on high school thus far. Being asked questions ranging from the start of his school career to the end of his time at Eisenhower, Penley gave an amazing outlook on his final year at Eisenhower. 

     For many, senior year is a very stressful time. It is also packed full of both good and bad memories, with expectations running high. Speaking of expectations, The Squire asked Penley what parts of this year have been what he expected, compared to what has not. In response Penley expected, “A tremendous workload, the ever-increasing dread to complete any sort of work, the late nights as a result of procrastination, the growing need to have fun, and the swift timeline of events in my academics and athletics.” The Squire is sure that many seniors can relate to Penley’s take on the stressors of senior year.  

     Penley also described experiences that were a surprising this year.  Pointing out two factors that he was not expecting he said, “First, I didn’t think that my schedule would be as rigorous as it turned out to be. Secondly, although I did expect senior year to “fly by,” I truthfully did not expect it to be going at an almost incomprehensible speed.” Penley is surely not alone in these feelings.  

     The Squire asked Penley if there was a certain moment in his high school career that he would go back to. He gave the response, “If I could, I would most likely go back to the end of my junior year. This past year has been one of the best years of my life when I look back at my personal growth, academics, athletics, and overall improvement in happiness; I almost wouldn’t change it for anything…I would want to live it all again.” Penley is moving on, but The Squire is confident that he will accomplish great things.  

     Being asked his favorite part of Eisenhower, Penley relied, “My favorite part of being at Eisenhower through the years is by far the pride and overall comradery that our school exhibits.”  Having a favorite part, Penley will need to leave it behind after graduation. The Squire asked him about what he hopes to accomplish after he does leave. “Some things I hope to accomplish after graduation are to receive a degree that earns me good money…do what I want to do, establish unforgettable relationships,” Penley explained. He also would like to be happy with both his work and his life in general. These are some great goals, and The Squire supports him all the way.  

     With his senior year screeching to a stop, The Squire questioned Penley about what has pushed him to make it to graduation. He said, “Even with the prevalent senioritis that made my efforts a bit more difficult to complete, there are several things that pushed me to graduation. Those things would include my commitment to success, my family’s expectations that I pridefully desire to uphold, and my excitement for a new chapter in my life.”  

     Caleb Penley is certainly a bright and determined student, and he will have Eisenhower’s support after graduation. The Squire thanks him for his cooperation and sharing his voice about his senior year, wishing him good luck as his journey beyond Eisenhower continues. 

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