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Dancing Under the Stars

By: Bridgette Gourley 

     Fall is an exciting time for the students at Eisenhower High School. During this time, the Student Council plans and organizes the homecoming dance and spirit week, as the whole school gets ready for a festive week of being Eisenhower Knights. The dance is annually held on the Saturday night of homecoming weekend, with the football game being held on Friday. This year was no exception. 

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Teacher Spotlight Shines on Ms. Chevillard

By: Jordyn Cooper 

     This school year has brought several new teachers to Eisenhower. You may or may not know that Eisenhower welcomed a new teacher in the music department. To help students and staff get to know her better, The Squire has chosen Ms. Chevillard, our new middle and high school choir teacher, for this issue’s Teacher Spotlight. She is a first-year teacher and is excited to start her career here at Eisenhower.  

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