Boys Spring Sports Back at It 

By: Dillon Benson  

     For the first time since 2019, boys spring sports are back. Last year both boys’ baseball and boys’ track were cancelled due to Covid, and they are now in full swing. The boys’ baseball team has been off to a hot start, winning against most of their opponents in the beginning half of the season. They have seemed to come together and just have fun, which has brought them early success. For the boys’ track team, it is quite the opposite, starting off with some very tough losses and few wins.  

     The boys’ baseball team has found early success due to having a senior heavy team that has a blast playing together. A decent amount of those seniors leading the baseball team were also on the school’s football team that had an especially strong season, going undefeated and making it to the District Title game for the first time since the 90’s. The group of boys just love to compete, win as many games as possible, and have a blast while they do it.  

     The Squire sat down with senior, Jared Beers, of the Eisenhower Knights baseball team, and he was asked his approach to leadership when it comes to the team. Beers said, “I really like to challenge the younger players and encourage them to get better every day.” That right there is one of the reasons why they are above the competition and have found success early in the season.  

     Meanwhile, the boys track team has faced multiple challenges, but they still have come through to win multiple meets. The boys’ track team also has some senior leadership through both Brody Porter and Caleb Robinault. The Squire asked Brody about some of the goals he and his teammates have set, and he said, “My team and I are big competitors and enjoy trying to win, so I’d have to say our goal for the season would be to win as many meets as possible and just have a fun time.”  

     Both boys’ springs sports are finally back and are in full swing. After having last year off due to Covid, the boys were eager to get back to their sports. Both teams have been tested and are willing to face any challenges that may come their way. The Squire would like to wish both teams nothing but luck as they roll into the second half of their seasons. Be sure to check out our social medias for further updates.   

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