Speeding into Spring at Maple Shade MX 

By: Paige Edwards 

     It is officially springtime, and you all know what that means. Everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. But what is there to do in the little town of Warren County? One thing you could do is Visit Maple Shade Motocross. The Squire interviewed Sherry and Doug Lawson, owners of MSMX, about how they got into motocross, how Covid-19 affected them, and dates and prices for the 2021 season. 

     Sherry and Doug have been involved in the motocross scene for a long time. When Doug was in high school, he raced for a long time, until he became a father and took a break from racing. Not long after, their middle son, Doug Lawson, Jr., decided he wanted to race. He took a liking to it quickly and ended up being very good. He then became a national title winner in the sport. While all of this was happening, Doug, Jr. needed a place to practice. That is when Doug, Sr. built the track and opened it to the public over 20 years ago. Doug and Sherry now have three grandkids that race across P.A. and N.Y. They also still do all the track maintenance themselves, with the help of grandkids and fellow racers.  

     Last spring when the Covid-19 pandemic started, it delayed everything. They were not allowed to open at the usual time in April. Also, they participate in a spring series that has a few different races cross P.A., and those races were not allowed to happen. Towards the beginning of May, the governor opened outdoor events, and then it was back to business as usual. Sherry shared with The Squire that “This summer was great once we got everything started up and it was a good summer weather wise.”   

     Maple Shade has three races this season the dates are June 5 and 6, August 21 and 22, and September 11 and 12. All those races are PAMX and part of the Pennsylvania state championship series. The prices for spectators are only $10.00 for a day and $20.00 for the whole weekend, plus kids eight and under are free unless they are racing. They also do weekly practices (weather depending) where the track is fully groomed and opened. There are big bikes (85cc and up) on Wednesdays 4pm-dark for $20, kid’s night (85cc and down) on Thursdays 4pm-dark for $10, and everyone on Sundays 12-dark, which is $25. Make sure to call the track at (814)-489-3266 for practice or race cancellations. 

     Whether you race, ride, or are just looking for something fun to do this spring and summer, Maple Shade MX should be on your list. It is located on Matthews Run Rd, just outside of Sugar Grove, P.A. Being that it is an outdoor activity, there is no need for masks! The motocross community is great, and they welcome everyone with open arms. So come out, enjoy the warm weather, and watch some racing! 

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