Keeping Busy During the Summer  

By: Maddison Blose  

     Despite the unpredictable weather conditions of Pennsylvania, the longer days and warmer nights of summer are approaching, which means summer vacation is soon to follow! With the warm weather comes an endless amount of exciting activities to do, but without school it is hard for some to find ways to stay occupied and entertained. Thankfully, The Squire is here to help, so stay tuned and maybe you will find a new favorite hobby! 

     Everybody has different preferences when it comes to activities that are entertaining, but a few of the most popular and achievable ideas are cookouts and bonfires at night. A nice group of family and friends, all enjoying food while catching up, what better way to spend your day than that? The Squire interviewed freshman, Adriana Rutsky, who   shared that her family spends most of their days outside and they finish their day by “cooking dinner outside and eating by the fire.” Also, taking long walks or hikes can be very stress relieving as the weather gets nicer. You can read more about tips and locations in The Squirearticle on hiking.  

     If you have access to a swimming pool or a safe body of water, swimming is a great activity that will definitely keep you cool as the temperature rises. Adriana shared that it is her “favorite activity because it is both relaxing and entertaining.” Boating, whether it be by kayak, canoe, or another type of boat, is also a great way to stay occupied during the summer, especially because you can always bring a pole and go fishing or find a safe place to jump in and cool off.  

     It is important to stay active through the summer and to use the warm weather to your advantage. Biking is a good option if  you are looking for a fun way to stay in shape. The bike trails in Warren and Jake Rocks’ mountain bike trails are a perfect place to relieve some stress and get a good ride in. Adriana commented that sports and 4H keep her on her feet and that the Warren County Fair is always something she looks forward to, so “fingers crossed for this year.” Last year the fair could not be held due to the pandemic. Even planners are hoping that the Warren County Fair can successfully take place this August. 

     Everybody’s accessibility and preferences to certain activities are different, but there are many options that could appeal to a variety of interests and keep you busy this spring and summer. This edition of The Squire contains many articles that can be of use for the summer, so be sure to keep reading. The Squire staff wishes you a great summer vacation, regardless of how you spend it!  

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