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Shift into Summer at Your Local Dirt Track

By: MaKenna Moore  

     Dirt track racing is a sport that runs during the summertime, with the season starting around April and, out of state, some start in the beginning of May. The cars on the dirt track that primarily run up north are open wheel cars. Most cars used in the south are stock cars. Open wheel cars that are run on the track are made for the purpose of racing, and they are called “open wheel” due to having no fenders protecting the wheels of the vehicle. The other types are modified cars, and, like the open wheel, they have no fenders on the front but resemble that of a stock car in the back. 

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Taking your First Step into Hiking 

By: Aden Savko  

     Hiking can be an intimidating hobby to start, however, it can be a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Hiking is a great way to begin being more active, or, for athletes, hiking can be helpful for recovery after a workout. It’s a good way to stretch out and prevent strain injuries. It can also be helpful in maintaining mental health, as a good hike can help clear your mind and introduce you to new things and places.  

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Boys Spring Sports Back at It 

By: Dillon Benson  

     For the first time since 2019, boys spring sports are back. Last year both boys’ baseball and boys’ track were cancelled due to Covid, and they are now in full swing. The boys’ baseball team has been off to a hot start, winning against most of their opponents in the beginning half of the season. They have seemed to come together and just have fun, which has brought them early success. For the boys’ track team, it is quite the opposite, starting off with some very tough losses and few wins.  

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