What’s Trending this Summer?

By: Maya Swanson 

     The summer is coming up and everyone is asking what to wear as the seasons change. A lot of the trends start on TikTok or from Generation Z’s style inspiration, Emma Chamberlain, an American Internet personality who has gained over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. She recently came out with a YouTube video titled, “What I’m Wearing This Summer,” after receiving thousands of comments throughout her social media platforms over teens asking her what she will be wearing. It has over two million views and continues to rise as it has only been out a few days. The Squire has done the work and found the hottest trends for summer 2021.  

     Halter tops are making a comeback from the 90s and we are here for it. Crop tops are always a staple when the weather starts to warm up and they will be trending again this summer. Another upcoming trend is the unique use of cutouts. Whether it is in the side of sundresses, tops, or skirts you will be seeing this trend in all the stores.  

     The trending colors for the summer are bright and vibrant, including hot pink hues, metallics, and pastels. According to Who What Wear, the five biggest color trends will be mellow yellow, bubblegum pink, magnetic magenta, tiger tangerine, and tennis-ball green. 

     We interviewed Cate Walter, a senior at Maple Grove High School who loves everything fashion, about what she will be wearing this summer. She shared that she will spend her days in a swimsuit while at the beach and, when she comes in for the night, she will throw on a sundress or beach pants and a nice top to head out to dinner. To top off her outfit, she would, “Dress both of these options up with kitten heel flip flops,” a throwback from the early 2000s. Walter has been loving the schoolgirl skirt trend and hopes it stays around for a while. Walter describes her go-to outfit as, “Lululemon Athletic shorts, either an oversized crewneck or an oversized lightweight button up top, paired with my hemp rainbow flipflops.” 

     Accessories are key to making a good outfit. Market totes and straw bags are all the rave right now, according to Vogue. Market totes are versatile; you can carry them to the beach or use them as grocery bags while saving the Earth by not using plastic. If you have TikTok, you have seen the next one all over your “For You Page,” clay rings. For this one, you will have to get crafty because the best ones are the ones made at home. You can find tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest, or TikTok. Walter told us she will be following the DIY jewelry trends, specifically the clay rings.  

     You can find style inspiration everywhere you look, on social media or in the real world. A lot of young girls look up to Emma Chamberlain, Devon Lee Carlson, co-founder of Wildflower Cases, Jenny Walton, designer and illustrator, and Grasie Mercedes, an actor, writer, and filmmaker. Walter said her number one inspiration is content creator, Luna Montana. She loves her feminine take on fashion and how she does not limit herself to one aesthetic. Walter loves taking inspiration from her because she does not wear all designer clothes.  

     It is up to you whether you decide to follow these trends. Walter is not a person to follow the trends too closely, but she loves that, “In today’s fashion you can essentially wear whatever you want.” It is all about wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident. The Squire hopes this guides you to find your summer inspiration with the hottest trends out there right now.  

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