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Dining out at New York Style 

By: Hannah Newcamp 

     After a long winter, you are most likely looking for activities to do with your friends and family. New York Style Deli & Pizza is a great place to go eat and catch up with everyone. Located in Downtown Warren, New York Style provides many different styles of pizzas and sandwiches that the whole family will love. 

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What’s Trending this Summer?

By: Maya Swanson 

     The summer is coming up and everyone is asking what to wear as the seasons change. A lot of the trends start on TikTok or from Generation Z’s style inspiration, Emma Chamberlain, an American Internet personality who has gained over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. She recently came out with a YouTube video titled, “What I’m Wearing This Summer,” after receiving thousands of comments throughout her social media platforms over teens asking her what she will be wearing. It has over two million views and continues to rise as it has only been out a few days. The Squire has done the work and found the hottest trends for summer 2021.  

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