Picking a Holiday Movie for the Family

By: Maddison Blose  

     Imagine sitting on your couch sipping a warm cup of hot cocoa, worrying about nothing but how fast your marshmallows are melting. Your whole family is cuddled up next you and enjoying the movie that is playing. Even through these tough times, it is important to stay in the holiday spirit, and one traditional way to achieve this is by watching classic family Christmas movies. For as long as I can remember, Christmas movies have been an extremely popular source of entertainment as the days get colder, and it is a fun activity for the entire family.  

     The Squire would like to recommend a few classic Christmas movies that can be viewed with the entire family. We interviewed Eisenhower High School senior Destiny Nelson for her feedback on these movies as well.  

#1- Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer 

     This 1964 stop-motion film is about a reindeer named Rudolph, whose nose happens to glow a bright red color. None of the other reindeer want to play with Rudolph, so he runs away from home and meets Hermey, an elf whose passion is in dentistry instead of toy building. The “unwanted” boys meet new friends on the way, face an abominable snowman that will stop at nothing to catch them, and even discover the Island of Misfit toys. They go off in search of Santa with high hopes of getting the toys to loving homes, but they are met with a much bigger surprise. When asked, Destiny Nelson said that her favorite character is Clarice because “she never stopped being there for Rudolph and she was always sweet.” This Christmas classic is perfect for the family and the ending would warm anyone’s heart.  

#2- Elf 

     After climbing in Santa’s sack as a little boy, this 2003 comedy follows Buddy as he goes back to the real world in search of his father. Buddy learns that the world is very different from the North Pole as he discovers new things and is face-to-face with tough decisions. With the help of his new friend, Jovie, and half-brother, Michael, Buddy must restore the people’s faith in Christmas in order to fly Santa’s grounded sleigh. Destiny shared that the funniest part was when Buddy sees the department store Santa and made a scene. This Christmas comedy will have you cracking up while also pulling on your heartstrings.  

#3- Home Alone  

     This five-movie series starts out with a young boy named Kevin who, after a fight with his family and a failed head count, is accidently forgotten in the attic of the family’s home on Christmas vacation day. Upon waking up, Kevin believes that hoping for his family’s disappearance had been successful, but he is later met with a much bigger surprise. Two con men plan to rob the McCallister home but are unaware of Kevin’s stay. To save the family home, Kevin must set up various tricks and traps to stop the men before his parents come home to retrieve him. This live action Christmas movie is not like the others, and Destiny commented that the sense of suspense and wonder makes the movie so appealing to its audience. While still being a comedy, Home Alone is a quality Christmas movie that can teach a lesson to the entire family.  

#4- The Polar Express 

     On a cold Christmas Eve night, a mysterious train shows up at young Chris’ home and takes him on a marvelous journey. This 2004 film adaption, based on the 1985 book, follows Chris as he meets new friends on his way to the North Pole. As the film goes on, Chris learns many valuable lessons and enjoys every moment of his fun-filled adventure. “One of the most memorable scenes from the movie was when everyone on the train started singing and dancing,” commented Destiny. The Polar Express is a great option for getting into the Christmas spirit with your family.  

     Instead of scrolling through Netflix for hours just to find a movie, consider some of these Christmas classics! With the new guidelines put out for Covid-19, it is essential to stay indoors, stay safe, and stay in the Christmas spirit. What better way to do that than watch the classic Christmas movies with your family? The Squire wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday, and we hope you stay tuned for our next issue!  

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