Picking a Trendy Prom Dress

By: Jordyn Cooper 

     Prom night is one of the most memorable nights during your high school years and finding a dress to commit to can be a hard decision to make. Luckily, prom dress trends this year are extremely broad. Many of the popular styles include mermaid, open back, corset style, one shoulder, and high slits. The Squire did some research on 2022 trends to help you find the perfect dress. 

     The Squire used their social media to survey the students about their opinions on the current trends for prom this year. When given the option of one shoulder or off the shoulder, one shoulder was preferred. www.Promgirl.com  called this dress the latest trend and gave ideas for unique styles of a one shouldered dress. Some of these styles are long sleeve, cap sleeve, or a strap. The Squire also asked the students to choose between a high slit or mermaid style. Eighty five percent of students chose high slit over mermaid style. Neon colored dresses and sequin dresses have also been exceedingly popular this year. In The Squire’s poll, most students chose sequin over neon.  

     The Squire interviewed senior, Lydia Larson, to get her opinions on this year’s dress trends. Lydia’s favorite dress trend this year is the neon colors because “It’s fun and fresh! It also looks great in the spring with all the bright colors.” The Squire also asked Lydia what stood out to her when she chose her dress. “The thing that stood out to me about my dress was the color and the style. I chose my dress because when I started looking for a prom dress, I wanted a hot pink dress with one shoulder that was tight, and that is exactly what I got.” Lydia thinks that she will mostly see tight dresses and neon colors this year. When looking for places to buy her dress, she looked at the online reviews and how the dresses were priced. In her opinion, the places she shopped at for dresses this year were not that great, “most places had last year’s trends and it was slim picking since most dress sizes were sold out and some dresses were damaged.” She also gave us some tips for buying a dress on a budget. She suggested, “Ask your friends who have been to prom if they are planning on selling some of their previous dresses, look online to see if anyone in your area is selling a prom dress, and even consider looking at secondhand store because you’ll never know what you’ll find!”  

     If you are still on the search for the perfect dress, you may be questioning where the best places to shop are. Some great sites to try online are www.promgirl.com  and www.sherrihill.com . These websites have a wide selection of trending dresses this year. If you prefer to try your dress on before buying, you will need to buy locally. The most popular places are Bridal Elegance in Erie and The Winner in Sharon. 

     Prom dress shopping can be overwhelming with so many styles to choose from. Hopefully, these suggestions make it easier. If you are still unsure of what to choose, there is no shortage of amazing prom dresses this year and looking online for ideas is a great place to start. The Squire wishes you good luck and happy prom season! 

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